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  1. Thanks to PATH Finder you really are the Path finder, no doubt !! I will hit ACE in next two or three games with anti ban !! ALL HAILS TO YOU...
  2. Just like Command and Conquer GEnerals !!
  3. Please make SINKI, Game-loop more powerful like its used to be !!
  4. Hello Fawad shah,

    Welcome to SINKI OFFICIAL. If you are new customer and looking for a premium hack, go here: https://sinkicheat.com/forum/5-buy-sinki-c4-lamborghini-hack/

    In case you don't own paypal or any cryptocurrency, please message @Viper : https://sinkicheat.com/messenger/compose/?to=1 for local payment methods and appropriate country reseller.

    Please visit this topic if you are new to using hacks in the game: Click Here

    And feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask Support/Mods. Don't message Admins/Community Team until its something that can't be handled by our Support/Mods.


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